Cards listed on February 3

Set # Card Title Pro Team College Grade Price Notes Date Added
1948 Bowman 10 Chris Iverson New York Giants Oregon ex 17.00rookie card, error card, print marks
1948 Bowman 16 Tommy Thompson Philadelphia Eagles Tulsa vg 9.00rookie card
1948 Bowman 19 Art Faircloth New York Giants North Carolina State, Guilford Vg-ex 12.00rookie card
1948 Bowman 23 Don Kindt Chicago Bears Wisconsin exmt 25.00rookie card
1948 Bowman 85 Bill Gray Washington Redskins Oregon State, USC vg 9.00rookie card
1948 Bowman 86 John Clement Pittsburgh Steelers SMU Vg-ex+ 12.00rookie card
1948 Bowman 88 Ben Kish Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh ex 17.00rookie card
1948 Bowman 89 Herbert Banta Los Angeles Rams USC ex 12.00rookie card
1948 Bowman 101 Joe Gottlieb Pittsburgh Steelers Duquesne vg 9.00rookie card, crease
1948 Leaf 9B Tommy Thompson Philadelphia Eagles Tulsa poor 19.00rookie card, variation with blue jersey numbers
1948 Leaf 35 Ted Fritsch Sr. Green Bay Packers Wisconsin - Stevens Point vg 15.00rookie card, crease
1950 Bowman 68 Joe Scott New York Giants Texas A and M, San Francisco exmt 19.00
1950 Bowman 104 Dick Hensley New York Giants Kentucky exmt+ 19.00
1951 Bowman 21 Arnie Weinmeister New York Giants Washington Vg-ex 29.00rookie card
1952 Bowman Large 74 Joe Campanella Cleveland Browns Ohio State vg 9.00crease
1952 Bowman Small 28 Kyle Rote New York Giants SMU vg 19.00rookie card, crease
1954 Bowman 14 Fred Enke Baltimore Colts Arizona ex 4.00
1955 Bowman 13 Bobby Walston Philadelphia Eagles Georgia poor 1.00
1955 Bowman 39 Dick Flanagan Pittsburgh Steelers Ohio State exmt 6.00
1955 Bowman 50 Les Goble Chicago Cardinals Alfred College exmt 5.00error card
1955 Bowman 59 Charlie Ane Detroit Lions USC good 2.00rookie card, crease
1955 Bowman 77 Al Dorow Washington Redskins Michigan State exmt+ 9.00rookie card
1955 Bowman 106 Ted Marchibroda Pittsburgh Steelers Detroit ex 9.00
1955 Bowman 110 Lou Ferry Pittsburgh Steelers Villanova exmt 9.00
1955 Bowman 119 Frank Gatski Cleveland Browns Marshall good+ 9.00rookie card, crease