Steve DeLong’s Missing Shoulder

December 10th, 2012  |  Published in Football Card Oddities

I had always thought that the image on Steve DeLong’s 1966 Topps football card looked odd, but I didn’t know why until I saw it alongside his 1965 Topps card. For some reason, on his 1966 card, the folks at Topps chopped off DeLong’s left shoulder. My only guess is that they wanted the 1966 card to look like it had a different image, but Topps reused images all the time, so that’s not a very good guess. In fact, DeLong’s 1967 Topps and 1969 Topps cards also have the same image, but with DeLong’s shoulder restored.

DeLong is pictured here on his 1965 and 1966 cards, with and without his left shoulder.
Steve DeLong 1965 Topps rookie football cardSteve DeLong 1966 Topps football card

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