New in the Gallery: 1970 Topps Super cards

January 14th, 2009  |  Published in New in the Gallery  |  2 Comments

Yesterday I added the full set of 1970 Topps Super cards to the Vintage Football Card Gallery. Not to be confused with 1970 Topps Super Glossy insert cards, these are large cards that were sold separately from the regular 1970 Topps cards. The cards are colorful and attractive, and because they are elongated, most show a good portion of the player’s uniform. Some of the players’ pictures are the same as on the regular 1970 Topps cards, some are the same as on the Super Glossies, and some are completely different from the other 1970 Topps issues. The Joe Namath card, thankfully, doesn’t show him with a Band-Aid on his head.

The backs show the same information as the regular 1970 Topps cards, but the large amounts of white space make the backs look like an afterthought. On the set I have, a few of the backs have paper wrinkles from the factory. It’s best just to enjoy the fronts of these cards and not turn them over.



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